Many parents, especially fathers, consider driving as a rite of passage for them and their kids. Driving is one among many skills that requires diligence and patience starting from learning the basics to actually mastering all the needed skills to be able to actually drive. But actually teaching your kids driving can be an arduous task and can lead to family arguments.

It Pays to Pay for Driving Lessons

Most of people that has experience driving has a misconception that teaching can be an easy task to handle for them. But when it comes to driving, it’s best to pay for lessons from expert driving instructors to ensure your kids are taught the right way. Additionally, your kids will learn all the latest and most current lessons from someone qualified and accredited by the government.

Driving by the Book

A typical learner requires an average of 22 hours of practice as well as 45 hours of learning through instructions. Lessons given by parents can sometimes contradict lessons by the book. Some seasoned drivers have their own style of driving that can be considered wrong by driving standards. Furthermore, parents usually let minor errors, incorrect signalling and lack of observation pass unlike an experienced instructor.

A Much Updated Driving Test

Another common misconception among drivers is thinking that driving test from 20 to 30 years ago will be the same as the test from today. The driving test has undergone a lot of changes through the years as roads become busier calling for a higher standard to be able to pass the driving test.

Augment and Supplement

As a parent, we only want what’s best for our teens. Learning properly is a must so the best way to teach them to drive is to find an experienced driving instructor for them. You can help by assisting your teens during practise and reviewing lessons with them. The best thing we can do is to let the driving instructor teach the manoeuvre, and the parent helps his teen practise the technique as it’s been taught.