Big changes are on the way in the motoring industry after the Government announced several proposed changes on the current rules of the road in UK since 1935 when the driving test was first introduced.

The changes in the current rules are said to include provisions with regards to driver-less cars, usage of SAT-NAVS and updates of rules for older drivers.

Proposals Overview

  • An increase in the licence renewal age bracket of 70 to 75 years old for drivers was proposed, as long as they can prove they are still fit to drive regardless of their age.
  • Additional changes to the driving test are also underway with the inclusion of driving for 20 minutes following a SAT NAVS instruction.
  • An introduction to flexible hours for the driving test by adding evening and/or weekend schedules of testing
  • Examiners are proposed to take pictures of the learner passers to reduce time in issuing of licences.
  • Major changes to the driving test to improve pass rates which are currently below 50%.
  • Integration of driver-less vehicles will be reflected on the driving test changes as well.
  • Higher fees will be expected for personalised driving plates.
  • Private sector to help run tests in the future.
  • Options to shrink the DVSA’s test centre estate to free up land for housing is also being considered.

The proposal is said to be currently under testing  and review by the top motoring agencies; DVLS (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), and the VCA (Vehicle Certification Authority).

The said changes are expected to be finalised and publicly announced on October which coincidentally coincides with the 80th anniversary of the driving test.