Personalised Number Plates – Need to Know About!

Personalised number plates have always been associated with the renowned, rich and for anyone wanting to show the world how successful they have become. In fact, these days, having such number plates have become a status symbol or rather a unique representation of one’s personality with more and more numbers of plates being spotted on the roads. These number plates are really enjoyed by many people. Thus, most of the vehicle owners are in a great rush to getting most impressive plates that will truly make a mark. And fortunately, these plates are not only limited to the elite as there is an array of cheap number plates available on the market.


• Personalised number plates can read specific message, people’s name and contain numbers lucky for the owners. One of the most affordable and popular choices is to buy a personalised number plates that contain the initials. This may cost around under £300.

• Whilst buying your personalised number plate it’s essential to know how number plates are made up .These number plates almost always uses numbers to indicate letters. One of the classic examples is the number 3 indicating number E. For a few others are 1’s to represent I’s, 2 is for the letter R and 4 is usually used to signify the letter A and so on. By utilising such simple rules there have many more amazing number plates have been found such as K1 NGS, 1 00 , MAS 732S, VIP 1 etc.

Thus, depending upon the personality or a status statement, people madly opt for specific number plates without worrying over the cost. For example “1” is the most expensive number plate owned by Saeed Abdul Ghaffer Khouri, Abu Dhabi. Then there are other expensive personalised plates that are “5”, “M 1”, “VIP 1”, and so on. But unfortunately, your budget won’t allow you to spend millions of pounds for such number plates, yet you can find out some more creative and personal number plates by adjusting your lucky numbers and letters that will go the distance.

• However when buying any number plate, you can’t just create any numbers or letters you wish because all personalised numbers plates are to be abided by the set format by the DVLA. There are dateless number plates I.e. 1 AB or 1234 AB. These dateless number plates were very desirable as they could hide the age of the vehicles.

• Then came up suffix number plates I.e. ABC 123A, then prefix number plates such as A123 ABC and so on. And since 2001 DVLA introduced the modern format of number plates which has two letters followed by 2 numbers and then 3 letters such as AB51 ABC, RU55 ELL and so on.

• There are many number plate suppliers in the market, but you should do some research work to ascertain the best source. Further you must always bear in mind to follow DVLA standards. Certainly it’s going to be great fun on having your best personalised number plates.

This article was written and submitted to SmartLearner Driving School Rugby by Ryan Holman, a great car enthusiast and also shares essential information about a range Number Plates at his blog and several other automobile websites. According to him for any standard personalised number plates, NNGB can provide all the more exciting options.