Questions About New Driving Test Changes

Show me /Tell Questions

Will the show me / tell me question be changed?



  • What are the new manoeuvres?
    • Reverse Bay Parking, Forward Bay parking, Parking on the Right and Parallel Parking
  • Where will the Reverse Bay Park be done?
    • Reverse Bay park will only be done at the Test, those centres without Car Park will not be conducting the Reverse Bay Parking exercise for Example Nuneaton
  • Where will the Forward Bay Park Exercise be conducted?
    • The DVSA has selected several local car parks that they will use to do the Forward Bay Park Exercise, they intend to just use the car park car and have not seek authority from the Land Owners for the use of the car. Please can we urge instructors to continue to use the car parks they currently use and not the car parks the DVSA have chosen.
  • Will Turn in the Round or Reverse Around still be used on test?
    • No. If this manoeuvre needed to be done i.e. to turn car around as candidate has gone down dead-end road, it will not be recorded anywhere on the sheet
  • What types of road will the Right Park take place?
    • The Right Park will be conducted on Low to medium traffic roads, if when conducting this manoeuvre, a vehicle was to park in front of the candidate, obstructing their view, the instructor will help the candidate as would a passenger travelling in the car
  • How many times will a candidate be asked to Park on the Right?
    • As the Right Park is a manoeuvre, candidate will only be asked to do this once during the test



  • Will the examiner need to charge the Sat-Nav in my car?
    • The examiner Sat-Navs will have a booster charger pack so that will last throughout the day but may need charge the Sat Nav on a very rare occasion, the will bring their own changing equipment.
  • What happens if the Sat Nav falls off the dash?
    • The matt that the examiners will be using have been very well tested and hold the Sat Nav, in the event of the Sat Nav falling the examiner will deal with the issues as and when
  • How will the route be decided on the Sat Nav?
    • The sat Nav will have pre-recorded test routes set by the DTC, the routes will be approximately 20 minutes longs, including more complicated and high-speed driving roads
  • What if Candidates go off route?
    • Each test will be judged on its own merit, if the examiner feels the Sat Nav rerouting will put the candidate on track then no intervention will be needed, if the examiner feels that that they need to adapt the route verbally then they will stop the Sat Nav and get the candidate back on route before starting the Sat Nav. In the event the vehicle needs rerouting the examiner will help the candidate but this will not be recorded as part on the test.
  • Will there be new test routes?
    • Yes, the DTC are free to change route as and when they feel the need.
  • Roundabout from A44 heading towards Holbrooks, what instruction do you give?