Reverse Corner Maneuver

For first time drivers, performing a reverse corner maneuver  is one of the hardest maneuver to do. Constant practise is necessary to be able to do the reverse corner maneuver correctly.


When practising  Round Corner maneuvers, find a suitable road with less traffic  as possible. Stay close to the curb but make sure not to hit it. When doing the reverse maneuver, it is sometimes necessary to remove your seat belt to be able to get a more clearer view of the rear window. But don’t forget your seat belt before going on first gear. Additionally, it is important to take a mental note of the road condition. A vehicle will behave differently on a gradient or a slope road.


During the actual driving test, the examiner will more than likely ask you to do a Reverse Corner maneuver to the left side of the road. This is where your keen observation is necessary.  Approach the side road and pull up at about 2 meters away from the side kerb. While passing the road, be sure to observe and assess for any obstructions,  traffic and how sharp the corner is. Put your gear into neutral, turn off your indicators and put your handbrakes on.


Before reversing, check if everything is clear. Put your gear on reverse and looking out through your rear screen, slowly drive till your front wheels reach where your back wheels where previously, inline with the start of the kerb or the turning point.


Check your left side, right side and rear to see if there are no traffic or pedestrians before turning your wheel at a 180 to 250 degrees depending on how sharp the corner is. Do your reverse up to about a car length. Adjust your position relative to the kerb.