Lessons in Pedestrian Crossings

Whether you are an experienced driver, a new driver or in the process of learning to drive, one of the fundamental knowledge you require in driving is knowing how pedestrian crossing works. Especially in UK where they use different types of pedestrian crossing and guidelines.

During the actual driving test, it is certain that pedestrian crossing will be incorporated to the testing procedure. A majority of driving exams takers usually fails this part of the driving test due to the strict regulation driving examiners imposes to this section of the test.

It is important to have the knowledge on pedestrian crossing rules not only on the drivers point of view but as well as a pedestrian. For those that are taking the driving test, it is essential to know the types of pedestrian crossings and the corresponding rule you must follow to pass the test. Below are the types of pedestrian crossings you may encounter and the corresponding rules to follow.


Types of Pedestrian Crossings


Driving Lessons-zebra crossingZebra – Introduced to the UK roads on 1949, zebra crossings are the cheapest to install among all the different  types of pedestrian crossings. During the driving test, it is important to observe for road signs indicating your approaching a zebra crossing is ahead. The sooner you notice the approaching zebra crossing, the easier it would be to maneuver to it safely and correctly.


Driving Lesson-Pegasus crossingEquestrian – Also referred to as Pegasus Crossing, are designed for pedestrians, mounted and dismounted riders for crossing. Similar to Toucan crossings design, has 2 control panels. The first control is for pedestrians and the other control is placed 2 metres in height for mounted riders.


Driving Lessons-Toucan crossing Toucan – Specifically designed for both cyclist and pedestrians and are often seen on busy roads in cities and towns adjacent to cycling paths.




Driving Lessons-Pelican crossingPelican – Introduced  in 1969, it was the first controlled pedestrian crossing used in the UK roads. The design uses flashing amber light to control the traffic.




Driving Lessons-Puffin crossingPuffin – Introduced in the 90’s, the Puffin is the most advance pedestrian crossings to date. It automatically detects pedestrians on the pedestrians waiting area and the crossing itself. When there is no more pedestrian detected, it resumes the traffic to normal.