Most parents are acutely aware that the riskiest thing their teenager will ever do is get behind the wheel as a solo driver or being  driven by their peers  and statistics do little to lessen parents anxiety.

Most driving experts tell us that driving is a complex task. You need to learn far more than just technical skill to stay safe, ideally over an extended period of time in a graduated way. Most young people want to be safe and good drivers, yet are keen to pass their test as quickly as possible, and more often than not don’t want to do anything above the bare minimum to get a license and get out on the road

Additionally statistics show that 19 out of 20 crashes are directly caused by poor attitude and behaviour, rather than lack of vehicle handling skills and the picture is clearer still.

What makes a good driver anyway?

    • Concentration  and attention allocation-Young drivers are easily distracted by passengers and in-car electronics.
    • Observation and visual search: Young drivers tend to  focus more on the vehicle in front rather than looking ahead and to the sides for hazards.
    • Anticipation- Statistics show that young drivers are less likely to look ahead for developing situations & emerging hazards.
    • Hazard detectors-Young drivers  are slower at detecting hazards compared to older more experience drivers.
    • Makeovers’ and vehicle control: Young drivers have less experience at making emergency manoeuvres and are vulnerable to Overcompensating and losing control.
    • Skills- young drivers have a lack of experience and therefore have not acquired fluid switching of driving tasks under stressful conditions.
    • Theory and perception of risk: Risk tends to be underestimated by young drivers. self-assessment: young drivers tend to miscalculate their ability to drive

Effectiveness of Learning to Drive for Learner Drivers

Fatality rate and morbidity as an outcome of automobile crashes is a problem that impacts teenagers generally. Automotive vehicle crashes remain to be the leading cause of fatality rate among teenagers and young adults. Young drivers are 30 times more probable to be caught up in a traffic accident in the 1st year after they pass their driving test. This is the reason why learning to drive the right way is critical to any beginner driver. Learning to drive is more or less dominating the physical, emotional and social activities when driving in addition to getting the right mental attitude