Theory Test App Free

At Smart Learner Driving School, our primary goal is to help you achieve your goal in learning to drive. And it is no question that our task is to ensure that we prepare you every step of the way. With that in mind, we have developed the “Smart Learner Theory Test App” to help you prepare for your theory test and become a safer driver.

The Theory Test APP by Smart Learner Driving School was specially designed and developed to assist you, our learners, through your journey in preparing for your theory test. Available from Apple Store, Google Play or through, our interactive app allows you to practice the official Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) theory test questions and even take a mock test which is designed to be just like the real test situation!.

This app is available for download or on the web in both free and full version for the car driving theory test.

Smart Learner Test App Free Version includes:

  • An easy to use interface with your progress displayed and test time left. If you stop the test you can continue where you left off …or start a new test.A Question bank of 100 of the latest official DVSA theory test questions!
  • Practice questions – Choose in increments of 10 the amount of questions you’d like to practice on, so if you’re in a hurry you can always do a few at a time before being ready to try test mode!
  • An explanation of the answer is shown if you get the answer wrong.
  • Scoring system at the end of each test where you are given a percentage score and will let you know if it’s enough for you to pass or fail.
  • Test Mode settings specifically designed to mimic the actual theory test conditions with 50 questions in 50 minutes! Timed so you know how long it’s taken to complete and scored so you know what your pass rate is!
  • Your best and worst category is displayed at the end of the test so you know where to concentrate your revision learning on.
  • Large HD Images – Making them easier to see on the iPhone screen!
  • Settings – You can change whether you select ‘next’ or move to next question automatically.
  • You can also change if you are alerted to the correct answer.
  • At the end of all tests you can view all the questions you took, see which you got right and which you got wrong, and see an explanation for the correct answer.
  • It’s the very best way to prepare for your theory test!
  • As recommended by 97% of Driving Instructors!

Smart Learner Test App Full Version Features:

Enjoy all the features from the free version and much more. Learn from our database of over 1000 DVSA official questions, by category. Analyse your progress through the apps built-in scoring system and concentrate on the subject area that you need to focus on.

You can access or download the apps using the links below: