Turning Into Major Roads

There are several types of roads and all road must meet in junctions. While learning to drive, you need to have knowledge and experience in different road junctions to prepare for the actual driving test. The driving test given to learner drivers will certainly incorporate maneuvering different types of road junctions.

There are several types of junctions. T-junction, crossroads and roundabouts are all types of junctions. During the driving test, how you approach these junctions depend on what the driving examiners calls as Open Road Junction and Closed Road Junction.


Right Turn from a Minor Road to a Major Road


Right Turn on a Minor to  Major Road

√  Check both your side mirrors and rear view mirror to see if traffic is clear and give a right turn signal for vehicles following you.

√  Position your vehicle on the left side of the middle of the road

√  If you are turning in a junction, make sure to follow the yield sign or the stop sign you will encounter.

√   Leave a space on your left side whenever possible to make way for oncoming traffic.

√   Finish your turn and make sure your vehicle is entering the left hand side of the .

√  Observe traffic signs and follow.