Turning in Minor Roads

Any learner driver taking the driving test will be required to make many turns. Like any other drivers, you will encounter maneuvering in busy roads, narrow ones or steep ones.

There are several types of roads and each road has it’s corresponding hazards and potential danger. Knowing the correct maneuvers for different situation can help minimize the hazards you may encounter when driving.

When learning to drive, it is necessary to practise as many turns as you possibly can. You can practise on quiet residential areas where pedestrians, cyclist and parked cars are constantly present and most of the time hidden. This can help you experience different situations and how to deal with them one on one.


Right Turn in Minor Roads

Right hand Turn

√  It is important to check your left and right side mirror as well as your rear view mirror for oncoming traffic. don’t forget to check your blind spots as well

√  Remember to give a right turn signal before turning so any traffic following you knows you are maneuvering.

√  Position your vehicle on the middle of the left side of the road or the space provided for vehicles turning to the right.

√  Remember to leave a space for oncoming vehicles to pass by on your left side.

√  Turn your steering wheel only when it is necessarry or when you are ready to turn

√ When you enter the minor road, your vehicles position should be on the left side of the road you are turning into.