Driving on Roundabouts

Roundabout Traffic SignRoundabouts is a type of junction where traffic flow continuously in a circular direction. This type of junction was designed to make junctions more efficient and safe for drivers, cyclist and pedestrians. There are two types of roundabouts, the single-lane roundabout and the multi-lane roundabout.


Dealing with Single-Lane Roundabouts



Dealing with Single-Lane Roundabouts

  • You will see a yellow “roundabout ahead” traffic road sign with the corresponding speed limit for the roundabout.
  • Slowly drive through the roundabout and observe and watch out for pedestrians crossings.
  • Look to your left side as your draw near the yield sign and dashed yield line.
  • Once you see an opening, enter the roundabout and proceed to your exit.
  • Stay on your lane and watch out for pedestrians.
  • Turn on your signal before exiting.

Dealing with Multi-lane Roundabouts

    • When you approach a multi-lane roundabout, you will see two traffic sign.  The yellow roundabout traffic signal and the lane choice signal. You will need to decide where you are exiting before entering the roundabout.
    • Once you have chosen your exit, you need to take the appropriate lane to use to get to that exit.
    • Once you see an opening, merge to the traffic and proceed to your exit. Watch out for pedestrians crossings and turn on your signal before exiting.