Driving in Crossroads

Approaching Crossroads

When approaching crossroads it is essential to remember that traffic may emerge from any direction. Watch out for junction road markings or traffic signs.  Keen observation of the surrounding area is important to take note of. Drive slowly and be prepared to perform emergency stop whenever necessary as crossroads possesses extra hazards such as pedestrians, cyclist and other vehicles.

Main road traffic has priority until cutting across traffic path. This means vehicles turning to the right has to give way to emerging traffic. For instances of meeting vehicles also turning to the right, the common rule is to observe what the road marking dictates. There are two common methods used in this situation. You can either turn nearside to nearside or you can choose the safer method which is the turning offside to offside depending on the other vehicles position or as indicated on the road sign.

    • Nearside to Nearside Turn: Otherwise known as ” left side to left side turn”. This method can block your view of emerging traffic so extra caution is necessary when performing this maneuver. Motorcyclist and cyclists can be blocked from your view when doing this maneuver.


  • Offside to Offside Turn: Also known as “turning right side to right side is generally the safest method to use when turning in crossroads. This is because you have complete and clear view of emerging traffic during this maneuver.


Crossroads Priorities

If there are no emerging traffic on the opposite side road, and you are in the main road, you have priority.  But on instances that you and a vehicle on the opposite road side is turning right or left, no one has priority due to the fact that you are both doing the same maneuver. Commonly, the rules on turning from major roads to right or left applies. In this instances, the driver needs to anticipate and watch out for the other drivers actions.

Important Crossroads Note:

  1. 1. Never assume you have priority even if you do.
  2. 2. Be alert and follow the road markings
  3. 3. Be more observant of the surrounding when driving. Always anticipate that you will encounter other traffic, pedestrians or cyclist.