Becoming a driving instructor is both fascinating and challenging. Additionally, it offers a lot of advantages, from your own choice of working hours to location of work. It also offers financial security amidst economic variations and unstableness. The demand for such professionals is constantly on the rise especially in countries like US and UK and people of all ages and backgrounds can choose this profession.

Qualifying to be a Qualified Driving Instructor

If you passed your test more than three and a half years ago, can drive and holding a clean driving license, then you may be eligible to become a driving instructor. If you fit the all those criteria, you will be eligible to register yourself to take a driving instructor training course. And this is your first step on to a new career.

Why a driving instructor? Simply because this profession is not only rewarding but is fast-paced, with a flexible schedule, exciting, challenging, sometimes crazy and constantly a fun atmosphere.


The Qualifying Process

To become a driving instructor, you will need to undergo and complete a qualifying process. The process was designed to make certain that you have a substantial knowledge in driving, the law in the road, traffic rules, and teaching skills.

The training process of becoming a driving instructor is split into 3 distinct categories.

  • Theory
  • Advanced driving
  • Instructional ability


Becoming a driving instructor is a great opportunity and can easily be achieved. Want to become a driving instructor today? The SmartLearner Driving School offers Driver Instructor Training. Simply visit us here to know more…