Driving is always risky. As a driver, having advance driving skills can help prevent accidents and reduce the risk of driving.

People who are constantly on the road and drives know that not everyone drives well. Some people accelerate aggressively towards opposite traffic, because they are not paying attention. Other drivers can follow too closely, make sudden turns without signalling properly, or weave and cut on traffic.

Save Money Using Advance Driving Skills.

Advanced driving courses are open to those that have UK licenses. They aim to improve the driving skills of the participants, reduce the amount of fuel that is used by drivers through driving techniques and reduce the probability of accidents occurring.


Aggressive drivers are specific hazards widely known as one third of all causes of traffic accidents. However, “multitasking” like sending mobile messages, eating or watching TV while driving is another matter.

You cannot control the actions of other drivers; acquiring advance driving skills will help you to avoid the risk of accidents caused by other drivers.



What is Advance Driving?


Advance Driving is defined as the ability to control the position and speed of the vehicle safely, consistently and smoothly, all the time. Works with existing road and traffic conditions allow sufficient progress discreetly, with skill and responsibility. This requires a positive note, courteous and generally good attitude and creates a high level of driving ability based on concentration, effective all-round observations, forecasting and planning. Together these issues should have appropriate skills and capable management.


Benefits of Taking Advance Driving Courses

  • Safe driving teaches defensive driving techniques to drivers.
  • Students learn to overcome mistakes in driving techniques,
  • Learners improve their driving skills
  • Teaches the skills to make informed decisions and to anticipate situations while driving.
  • Teaches discipline in driving
  • Defensive driving aims to reduce the risk of driving.


Drivers must instinctively anticipate dangerous situations and avoid risks while driving the car under normal and adverse conditions. Defensive driving courses cover many aspects such as: emergency care, principles of safe driving, control of fear and feelings while driving, making immediate reactions, skills in anticipating hazards and so on. SmartLearner Driving School offers advance driver training and cheap driving lessons. They have DSA approved male and female driving instructors for both manual and auto lessons.