Driving Instructor Qualifications – ADI Training Part Two

As we discussed in our previous articles, to qualify to become an instructor, you need to pass three required qualification exam for driving instructors. The three required qualification exams are as follow;

If you have completed and passed the first part of the ADI qualification exam, the next step is to prepare for the next part. The ADI-part two of the qualification exams covers all aspects of your skills in driving. It is basically an advance driving test that gauges your driving ability.

When you take the ADI – part two of the test, you will be asked by the DSA examiner to demonstrate advance driving skills and execute them in a professional manner. You will be given an hour to complete the test which includes driving, eye test as well as general vehicle maintenance questionnaires.

SmartLearner offers ADI training to help you prepare for your ADI qualification examination. Our package includes;

  • One-on-one training with a qualified Ordit trainer.
  • Access to study materials and resources.

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