ADI Part 3 – Instructional Ability

If you are reading this section, then congratulations are in order. This means you have completed passed both the ADI 1 and 2 training section and you are now ready to tackle the ADI part 3 of the driving instructor test.
The ADI part 3 of the driving instructor test covers an instructor’s ability to give out instructions to their learners on topics regarding your knowledge in the driving theory, road safety awareness and overall driving instruction skills. In this section, your instructional ability will be tested to ascertain that you are capable of giving out lessons to new learner drivers.

The ADI part 3 test takes an hour to complete and would include an evaluation of your

  • Core competencies
  • Instructional techniques
  • Instructor characteristics

The actual test is divided into a 2-part, 30-minute test wherein the examiner will play the role of a new learner driver and/or a full licence holder further tuition and will gauge your ability to teach accordingly.
The ADI Part 3 Test must be taken within two years after passing the ADI Part 1 of the exam or else you might need to restart the overall process again. Additionally, you can only try the exam thrice; and failing it the third time means you need to wait 2 years again and start the whole process from ADI part 1 to 3.