UK’s Most Dangerous Roads

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A Career at Smart Learner

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Automatic Vehicle Insurance Policy

Vehicle Insurance is a necessity when driving your car in the UK. These per month installments are lawfully needed in most places around the world, and are a wise decision even if you think they were not. Needless to say, you want to be completely certain that you’re getting the best costs among the many choices available in the market. This is another area where getting sessions from an approved driving instructor can be actually advantageous.

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What to do if you witness a road traffic accident

Witnessing a road traffic accident can be an upsetting experience and if you are a learner or newly qualified driver, it is unlikely that you will have had to handle such a situation before. It is important to be aware of what to look out for and what you should do to help others and potentially save lives.

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Driving in UK at the Ripe Age of 70

When driving in UK, there are no law stipulated that you are required to stop driving when you have reached the ripe age of 70. Unless of course your health condition worsens or you’re eyesight gives up on you.

As you grow older, which all of us will eventually face, it is your responsibility to ensure […]

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Driving Anxiety for New Learner Drivers

Perhaps the biggest fear for many new learner drivers is the fact that they are going to be driving on the roads for the first time. They are going to be in control of a rather powerful vehicle and they really do not want to cause an accident or something. This is fine. However; you should be aware that for the first couple of driving lessons it is unlikely that your instructor will take you anywhere near where there may be other vehicles on the road. You may run into a couple but these are going to be few and far between.

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Well Done Dee Chauhan

Amazing work to our learner, Dee Chauhan from Coventry for Successfully completing your requirements and passing your driving test with only 4 minors faults. A shout oout to our instructor Kiron as well for all your dedication and for helping him through the way.

Thank you for sharing your success with us and we hope […]

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Congratulations to Abi Evans

A shout to to our learner Ms. Abi Evans from Rugby for passing her driving test and completing her requirements with the help of our instructor Pete. You have worked hard to attain your freedom to drive.

Thank you for sharing your success with us and we hope to hear more good news in the future. […]

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You Did It Kaylee

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Congratulations to Khalid Mehmood

ell done to our learner, Khalid Mehmood from Coventry, for successfully completing his requirements and passing his driving test with our driving instructor Raj B.
You worked hard and you are now reaping your rewards. thank you for trusting us and sharing your success with us. We hope to hear more good news from you in […]

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