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After Passing the Driving Test

The Legal Essentials So, you’ve completed your requirements and have passed your driving test. You are now road ready and can now buy your first car. You’ve got to think about all the legal essentials that come with getting your own vehicle from getting road tax, MOT and car insurance. Obviously keeping everything legal is […]


Driving Lessons – Traffic Signs that Gives Warning

Traffic Warning Signs A brief video showing some of the commonly seen traffic signs that gives warning.


Introduction to Traffic Signs in UK

Understanding Traffic Signs Here is a brief introduction on understanding traffic signs in the UK


Practical Driving Test 101


Driving Test Guide for Student Drivers

Driving well requires a lot of experience, but it all starts with proper education in driving schools. Going to a driving school will help the learner to get all the information that they need to drive properly and safely on the roads. After taking a driving course, Brisbane driving schools will require their student drivers to take an exam that tests their knowledge of everything that they have learned. Here is a guide on how to pass the driving test.


Automatic Tuition vs. Manual Driving Lessons

Everyone has a different viewpoint on which is better between manual and automatic. Some look for convenience while others consider car’s management as well as control. In either situation, it is just a driver’s choice that creates the distinction.


Driving Anxiety – An Overview

Many student learners experience anxiety when they think of taking the driving test. Thoughts of failing and messing up the practical test are common especially to first time learner driver. The signs of stress are all too familiar to everyone; hands sweating, knot on the stomach, lack of focus and so on. Not the most favorable condition in which to be in to take the driving test.


Hiring the Right Driving Instructor

There is more to picking the best priced driving instructor when it comes to hiring the right driving instructor. Hiring a qualified instructor is important or it can be illegal for him or her to teach you. Also, qualified instructor have undergone proper training so that they can provide high quality and safe lessons to you.


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Knowing a Car’s Engine Beyond the Show Me, Tell Me Test

In the practical driving examination you will be asked two questions, which are labelled as vehicle safety questions or more commonly “the show me, tell me” test.The main areas of the car that the exam quizzes you on are the engine, tyres, brakes, and lights. As you should know, they ask you questions like “show […]


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